About us

Haget was founded in the natural idyll of Hagskog in northern Öland, a few kilometers south of Byxelkrok.

We are two brothers with a vision - to create the world's most comfortable swim shorts.
For a long time, we were frustrated with the uncomfortable inner mesh lining found in most swim shorts and discovered that many others shared this sentiment.
However, finding a more comfortable alternative proved more difficult than expected, and that's when the idea of replacing the mesh with a super comfortable, chafe-free inner lining was born.

After countless product samples we were finally satisfied, and the birth of Haget Swim Shorts became a reality.

In today's fast fashion climate, it was especially important for us to develop a product made from high-quality and sustainable materials. Therefore, we have chosen to use recycled polyester to manufacture our swim shorts.

11 recycled plastic bottles are used to make one pair of Haget Swim Shorts.

Anton & Emil